bq Prusa i3 Hephestos



Prusa i3 HephestosAll the extras included as standard.Complete kit for step-by-step assemblyWe are proud to present the latest evolution of the Prusa i3, the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap community. Our more advanced version, Hephestos, offers significant improvements: a kit that includes all the parts you need, manuals for step-by-step assembly and an active support service via our 3D forum to help with any queries you might have.In other words, the best printing at the best price with the easiest setup.Safe and sound 3D printing made simpleThe key innovation of the Hephestos is its cable-tidy. This enables us to position the cables at the top and rear of the device, ensuring they don´t interfere with the printer movements. We have also achieved greater protection against burns by eliminating the heated bed and adding a protector to the extruder (the same one we designed for the Witbox). And since there is no heated bed, the energy consumption of the printer barely reaches 60 W.Open Source and parts by designed usThe hardware of the Prusa i3 Hephestos is 100% open source, meaning you can modify it and adapt it however you like. At bq we are committed to expanding the RepRap community and we are keen to share all our improvements, without restricting knowledge. All the improvements made to the printer have been made public. All the new parts can be downloaded free of charge.Our own accessoriesWe have thought about the whole process: from assembly to printing the final object. Thatâ€TMs why at bq, we want to offer you our own PLA, made in Spain and of the very highest quality.You can also extend the Prusa i3 Hephestos with the Bed Expansion Kit that we have developed. It achieves a print area of 20 x 30cm and more solid structure at the front and rear of the Y-Axis.

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